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D-I-Y / Facility Maintenance

Winroc is the right store for the do-it-yourselfer. The helpful people at your local branch are full of great tips on product selection and installation. Our staff can answer your questions about wall and ceiling products – including how to install them correctly and safely. While our competitors stop at the curb, we deliver our products right into your home – and where requested. We have specialized delivery equipment. Our drywall lifts are equipped with booms capable of delivering drywall up to five stories through a window and extending 75 feet horizontally over lawns to avoid damaging landscaping. We go the extra mile by arranging your different types of drywall in the order you request them and even placing the right amount in each room.

SPI can assist with product selection and installation training on mechanical insulation systems for piping, duct, tanks and equipment to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase system service life. In addition, we provide NIA (National Insulation Association) approved, energy appraisal services to identify and prioritize insulation upgrades for fast return on insulation investment and future savings. SPI also provides training for passive fire protection applications including penetrations seals, joints, UL Listed SafeLite® ceiling light fixture protection covers and more.

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