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Health & Safety

Our approach to health and safety at CPD is an operationally driven safety program. Our safety resources all have an operational background and work closely with branch, regional, and corporate management on developing and managing our safety program. This focus allows us to develop and promote key safety initiatives that are well grounded in operational fundamentals. We have a strong management commitment in place from the President/CEO through to the branch operating level.

Our intention is to be an industry leader in all of our markets and participate in industry and government accreditation programs where possible including the Certificate of Recognition (COR) programs across Canada. Regardless of the certifications available we incorporate the discipline and best practices across our company to help us operate more efficiently and safely.

Our commitment to safety encompasses our equipment operators, drivers and fleet management. As well, we operate a vast array of equipment in our warehouse locations, on road and off road. Preventative maintenance, regular inspections and operator training are all facets contributing to the safe operation of our equipment, whether making a delivery or working in a warehouse environment. Training is provided for all categories of workers with drivers, boom operators, forklift and machinery operators receiving specialized training for their roles.

Delivering excellent customer service while providing a safe and open environment for our employees will continue to support our operational efficiencies and growth.